Startup Exchange is a organization for students with a passion entrepreneurship. It’s mission is to turn ideas into something. We are a growing group of Hackers, Hustlers, Storytellers, Coders, and Enthusiasts who share a collective passion for creating something we believe in. Our goal is to bring together like-minded, open-minded, and passionate students to foster innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship.
We will offer many programs tailored to your wants and needs. We will have speakers, lectures, hands-on activities, collaborative workshops, networking opportunities, and much more. Learn about game-changing business theories and applications used by innovators, entrepreneurs, hackers, and hustlers. If you want to create and innovate, then join us!

Startup Exchange is a 10 week program that introduces students to startups and is focused on building the entrepreneurial community at GSU. This community will consist of networking, open discussions, and collaboration, complemented with optional curated resources.

Date: January 31 – April 11

Location: GSU’s Launch Incubator Space

Meet every Thursday from 5:00 – 6:30 PM

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Connect your Idea to the Real World!

Startup Semester introduces students to customer discovery, business model canvas, and pitches. It is open to 10 teams per semester and is for students who are serious about turning their ideas into something. Deliverables are required and work is expected to be done outside of the program. This program is only for the most passionate entrepreneurs.

Customer Discovery

Learn the science behind Customer Discovery & how it works


Learn how to effectively pitch your startup in front of investors

Co-Founder Pairing

We assist students in finding other students to join their startup

Launch Your Startup

We focus on helping students realize their vision

Startup Semester is a 10 week start up engineering program that will help you to learn how to get started with your entrepreneurial idea. The goal of the program is to help you turn your ideas into businesses

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Date: January 31 – April 11

Location: GSU’s Launch Incubator Space

Meet every Thursday from 6:30 – 8:30 PM


Only 10 teams accepted!

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Applications due January 25!

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We prepare students to turn their ideas into reality!

This program is an invaluable resource for students with ideas and young entrepreneurs as it introduces customer discovery, product-market fit, behavioral economics, and pitches and helps build a network of resources to turn ideas into businesses. This program will consist of open discussions and collaboration, complemented with optional homework and readings. We will have two meetings per week: one focused on the theoretical approaches to startups and one focused on hands on activities and workshops.


Ricky Hunter

Ricky Hunter has been a profit-generating entrepreneur since he was 13. He co-founded Startup Exchange to help students take advantage of the startup resources in Atlanta.

Jovonni Pharr

Jovonni Pharr is a software/hardware engineer with a focus on Research & Development (R&D) in emerging technologies. He enjoys building solutions in Electronics, Materials Science, and Intelligent Systems. Some of his research focuses on areas in Computer Science, Human Behavioral Psychology, and Artificial Intelligence.

Startup Exchange has taught me so much that I just didn’t know before. Now I engage in customer discovery every single day. My business is very thankful!
Taylor, Computer Information Systems Junior, Georgia State University
I was very uncomfortable with pitching before Startup Exchange. But most recently, I won my first pitch competition!
Jamaal, Finance Senior, Georgia State University